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Aquatic Specialty Services, Inc. is happy to announce its partnership with Waterplay, and the promotion of water features and spray parks, where we facilitate the bringing together of communities and the people in them. We do it all from design to installation and maintenance. Check out the video to the right and see what it's all about!

Aquatic Specialty Services, Inc. is part of an organization of certified commercial recreational water sales and service providers trained and represented throughout the world. We are dedicated to providing solutions for recreational water facilities by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, ongoing client education, and support to assure facility operating satisfaction.

We are a local service and maintenance team that maintains and services products we sell. We pride ourselves in environmentally friendly and sustainable methods of product and service integration with each location and client. Most importantly, we adhere to the highest ethical, moral, and legal standards.

Our specialty is commercial water sanitization and providing all the equipment, set up and knowledge to run your facility with the world's leaders in pool water technology.

Introducing the new Pulsar 140 Feeder, available now!
  • Chlorinator height - 35" [88.9cm]
  • Chlorinator weight (full) - 150 lbs [68.0kg]
  • Chlorinator weight (empty) - 50 lbs [22.7kg]
  • Capacity: 100 lbs [45.4kg] Pulsar® Briquettes (equivalent to 68 lbs [30.8kg] available chlorine)
Feed Rate: Pulsar® Plus Dry Chlorinator Briquettes: 5-140 lbs [2.3-63.5kg] of Available Chlorine per day

Recommended Pool Size:
  • 15,000-200,000 gallon [56,781-757,082 liter] un-stabilized
  • 50,000-600,000 gallon [189,271-2,271,247 liter] stabilized
Technical Information:

(800) 424-9300

24 hour hazardous materials emergency communications service. For Chemical Emergency / Spill leak Fire Exposure or Accident call CHEMTREC Day or Night

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